The Allocation Code Gas, laid down by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), states that shippers in possession of a B licence are subject to reconciliation service rules. Reconciliation is the process of settling differences between consumption attributed to shippers based on profiles and actual confirmed consumption over a certain period.

Every month, Distribution System Operators (DSOs) send RNINFO reports to the abovementioned shippers and to GTS. GTS converts the information received and then forwards this to the shippers via RSINFO reports. Shippers are offered the opportunity to compare their recently received data every month based on both reports. 

During April and October, debit invoices are sent to related shippers covering the first, or second, half of the previous calendar year respectively. After the debit invoices have been settled, credit invoices covering the same period are sent to the other shippers. GTS occupies a facilitating role in this process.

Invoices are drawn up in megajoules (MJ) and settled against an average neutral gas price per calendar month. The average neutral gas price per month is stated on the invoice specification; the price referred to can also be found in the document on this page. The gas prices are updated four times a year.

You can find detailed information relating to reconciliation in the Gas Code via our website.

Gasprices reconciliation 94 kB 21 Jan 2020