Surrender of Capacity (SoC)

Surrender of Capacity (SoC) is a CMP measure that allows shippers to return their capacity to GTS. GTS will again offer this capacity at the auction on the PRISMA platform. Capacity returned by shippers will only be sold after GTS has sold its own available capacity. During the auction, the capacity given back by a shipper can not be distinguished from regular GTS capacity.

The returning shipper remains the owner of the capacity as long as the returned capacity has not been resold. The capacity offered via a SoC request can not be used on the secondary market (for example Transfer of Capacity or Usage Rights or Diversion). This is only possible again after the auction. If the surrendered capacity is not sold, the shipper will again have full disposal of this capacity.

In case the returned capacity is resold to a new shipper, the returning shipper is released from his payment obligation. A SoC can also succeed partially if only part of the returned capacity is resold.

After the auction, the returning shipper is informed by GTS via email of the status of the SoC request.

GTS does not charge any additional fees for submitting a SoC request.

Other information

  • The application of the CMP rules to the return of bundled capacity may lead to contracts being split up, leaving a shipper with unbundled capacity. For example, if a shipper returns bundled capacity to be auctioned and GTS still has capacity available but the NNO does not, GTS will sell its own capacity while the NNO sells the returned capacity. This results in a (partial) splitting of a contract for bundled capacity.
  • SoC is only allowed for contracted capacity without restrictions. A SoC is not possible if additional conditions apply (e.g. capacity under construction with an Open Season contract.) A shipper can only return capacity if he has both capacity and usage rights.
  • SoC is possible at an annual, quarterly and monthly auction with a firm forward flow. SoC is also possible at a monthly auction of firm capacity for counter flow. SoC does not apply to interruptible capacity and/or day-ahead and within-day auctions.
  • The submission of a SoC request is bound by a deadline. For the annual, quarterly and monthly auctions, the request must have been processed successfully at PRISMA at least 5 working days before the announcement of the auction. The deadlines for submission can be found in the auction calendar on the GTS website.
  • A SoC request requires a flat profile. To be able to submit a 'profiled' SoC request, shipper must submit a separate request for each 'range' during an overlapping period.
  • Each SoC request is given a unique SoC timestamp. SoC capacity offered at the auction is sold in order of timestamp (from old to new) per network point.

For more information, see the Online Help section on Prisma or this how-to guide.

SOC Instruction Manual 615 kB 15 Oct 2018