Transfer of services

Entry and exit capacity are tradable via the PRISMA Secondary platform. Two types of transfer are possible: full transfer of all rights and obligations (assignment) and transfer of usage rights alone (transfer of use).

Where full transfer applies, all the rights and obligations for the agreed period go from the seller to the buyer, i.e. the whole contractual position including the usage rights. The capacity becomes part of the portfolio of the buying party who will receive the invoice for the transferred capacity.
Where transfer of usage rights applies, the selling party remains the contract holder and only the usage rights and any related agreements will be transferred from the selling party to the buying party. The invoice for the contracted capacity will be sent to the selling party.

GTS is informed of transfers via the PRISMA Secondary platform. The trading tariff (see appendix 1c of the current TSC) consists of a fixed fee per transfer. This tariff will be charged to the seller.

The exit capacity contracted by an AMEX should be transferred to the supplier/shipper with whom the AMEX has concluded a gas supply contract by means of an assignment or a transfer of use. For such transfers, the AMEX does not need to use the PRISMA platform, but can use the forms for this purpose on our website.

The transfer should take place at least 10 working days prior to the start of the month in which the gas transmission will start. In addition, the supplier/shipper to whom the capacity is transferred must send a switch message to GTS at least 5 working days prior to the start of the supply.

PRISMA Secondary can support both types of transfer according to different procedures:

  • OTC (over the counter): This is a bilateral agreement between two shippers which is ultimately authenticated via PRISMA.
  • Call for Order (buy or sell): The initiating shipper creates a trade proposal to buy or sell capacity and other shippers can place an offer to buy or sell capacity from which the initiating shipper can choose.
  • FcFs (buy or sell): The initiating shipper creates a trade proposal to buy or sell capacity and other shippers can accept that trade proposal.  

PRISMA Secondary offers shippers the opportunity to use a trader list but this is not supported by GTS. If desired, assignment can be carried out anonymously. In the event of an anonymous transfer of bundled capacity, the other TSO must also support this. However, GTS is currently the only TSO offering anonymous transfer, which is why bundled capacity transfer is not possible. Transfer of use may not be carried out anonymously.

Request for Transfer 57 kB 12 Dec 2017
Request for Anonymous Transfer 54 kB 12 Dec 2017
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  • The monthly factors and tariffs relating to the original booking will continue to apply to both the selling and the receiving party.