Shift of capacity

As a shipper or a directly connected party, you can submit a request for the service ‘shift of capacity’. A ‘shift of capacity’ means that the already booked transport capacity at an exit point can be transferred to another exit point for a certain period.

Note: Shift of capacity from or to exit points at which available capacity is being offered at an auction is not possible.

The conditions under which a shift of capacity is allowed are laid down in article 2.1.8 of the Dutch “Transportcode gas LNB”. For each request for a shift of capacity the shipper or directly connected party will motivate that the request complies with the conditions a. to c. and f. Based on the motivation provided and the assessment of the criteria d. and e. we will decide on the request for the shift of capacity.

If the shipper or directly connected party decides that a shift of capacity is desirable and if the shift meets all the requirements, then we can conclude a contract for this shift of capacity. These actions can be started after receiving a signed shift of capacity form from the client. The relevant form will be made available to the client who is asking for this service.

There are no additional costs for a shift of capacity. The adjusted and new contract positions are shown in Gasport per network point. For the period which the shift of capacity relates to, the capacities are settled based on the capacity product and the regulated TSC tariffs per network point.

If you have any questions about this service or if you want to submit a shift request, please contact our Customer Desk, tel. +31 (0)50 521 3333 or send an e-mail to

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  • Yes, but a shift of capacity does not involve fixed combinations at the same location but a combination which does not yet exist and an additional tariff based on distance.