Wheeling’ means that gas can be transported from an entry point to an exit point very close by, if the points have the same gas quality, at a tariff that is lower than the sum of the regular transport tariffs for the separate points. This is possible because no physical demand is placed on the transport network. In addition, wheeling should have no consequences for the capacity quantity to be offered at auction.

You cannot book Wheeling through the PRISMA platform; please use the Request for wheeling. This form can be send to the customerdesk.

Request for wheeling 45 kB 19 Dec 2016

Therefore, wheeling is regarded as being transport across a distance of zero kilometres. A wheeling contract is brought into a separate portfolio. It is not possible to transfer gas on the TTF within a wheeling portfolio.

This service is possible for a limited number of entry-exit point combinations specified in advance. See Appendix 4 of the current TSC for details.

A yearly tariff is set for wheeling and the normal system of monthly and daily factors applies to contracts of less than one year. The tariff for interruptible wheeling is expressed as a percentage of the fixed wheeling tariff and applies if no more fixed capacity is available at one or both points of the wheeling combination.

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  • Yes, the POS is also determined for a wheeling portfolio and a WDBA may also apply.