Incremental capacity process

Regulation (EU) 2017/459 will enter onto force by 6 April 2017. Gasunie Transport Services will implement the incremental capacity requirements as stated in article 22 through 31 in the regulation.

Purpose of this regulation is to harmonize the incremental capacity process. Immediately after the start of the annual yearly capacity auction at least in each odd-numbered year, transmission system operators (TSO’s) shall cooperate in the processes of assessing market demand for incremental capacity and of conducting technical studies for incremental capacity projects for their joint interconnection points. The first demand assessment shall be conducted in 2017 as from the entry into force of this regulation.

The main steps in the incremental capacity process are: 

  1. Indicative demand assessment
    This is the non binding demand assessment phase where market parties can submit there capacity demand to the TSO’s by filling out a demand indication form. In consultation with the other TSO’s it will be decided whether the submitted demand indications allow the TSO’s to offer incremental capacity in the auction and to start of the next phase of the process 
  2. Design phase
    During this phase the TSO’s will decide on the appropriate technical measures and assess the financial consequences of these measures. The TSO’s will define projects to realize the required incremental capacity. After consultation of the market parties the TSO’s will decide upon the final project proposals.
  3. Approval of the project proposals
    The project proposals will be submitted to the national regulatory authorities for approval. 
  4. Binding demand assessment
    he approved incremental capacity demand will be offered in the auction. The auction results, binding capacity demand, will be used as input for the economic test. The result of the economic test defines whether or not the proposed projects will indeed be realized. 
  5. Realization of the proposed projects that passed the economic test

The incremental capacity process will start on Thursday 6 April 2017 with the indicative demand assessment. Market parties can download a demand indication (DI) form from our website and can fill out and submit this form within 8 weeks to GTS. Deadline for submission of the DI form is 1 June 2017. Not later than 8 weeks after this deadline, 27 July 2017, GTS will publish a report on the market demand assessment on their website. Based on this report it will be decided whether or not the design phase of the incremental capacity process will start.

As required in Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM) which entered into force on 6 April 2017, GTS has performed a market demand assessment to gain insight in the need for additional capacity demand from market parties at the interconnection points.

Demand assesment NCG 137 kB 27 Jul 2017
Demand assesment TTF ZTP 392 kB 27 Jul 2017
Demand assesment TTF ZTPL 397 kB 27 Jul 2017
Demand assesment TTF BBL 124 kB 27 Jul 2017
Demand assesment TTF GASPOOL 704 kB 27 Jul 2017