Incremental capacity process 2019-2021

Based on NC CAM (Regulation (EU)2017/459) the incremental capacity process has been introduced, an EU-wide harmonized process to identify market demand for incremental capacity by Transmission System Operators (TSO’s).

The main steps in the incremental capacity process are: 

  1. Indicative demand assessment
    This is the non-binding demand assessment phase where market parties can submit their capacity demand to the TSO’s by filling out a demand indication form. In consultation with the neighboring TSO’s, it is decided whether the non-binding demand indication(s) give rise to offering incremental capacity. If so, the next phase of the process will start.
  2. Design phase
    In this phase, technical studies are carried out and a financial assessment is made of the measures to be taken. Together with other TSOs, projects are defined for the realization of incremental capacity. After consultation of the market parties the TSO’s will decide upon the final project proposals.
  3. Approval of the project proposals
    The project proposals will be submitted to the national regulatory authorities for approval. 
  4. Binding demand assessment
    The incremental capacity to be developed is offered at the auction. The results of the auction are input for an economic test. The outcome of the economic test determines the implementation of the proposed projects.
  5. Realization of the proposed projects that passed the economic test.

From 1 July 2019 to 25 August 2019, market parties were able to express their non-binding demand for incremental capacity for the 2019-2021 process. The market demand assessment reports are published below.