Market Consultation – introduction of VIPs

Update 26-6-2017!

Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) intends to implement virtual interconnection points (VIPs) between the TTF market area and the neighboring market areas in Germany and Belgium. Virtual interconnections points, or VIPs, aim to eliminate multiple connections between two market areas to facilitate flexible hub-to-hub trading for shippers.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the market consultation regarding the introduction of virtual interconnection points (VIPs).

We intended to organize a workshop on 29 June. Unfortunately we had to postpone this workshop, probably until after summer holidays.

We came to this difficult decision because of two reasons. A lot of the stakeholders mentioned that other meetings with regard to the Dutch gas market are organized on the same day and that this interferes with the timing of this workshop. Further, we have concluded that at this moment in time we cannot sufficiently show the way in which VIP tariffs are established and which and how the underlying implementation choices will impact existing and new contracts. This is caused by recent insights on the rules to be applied, and these insights need careful consideration. We therefore are not able to present a comprehensive overview of this important aspect of VIP implementation.

We decided to keep the consultation open. The current way of thinking as explained in the information document is still valid, questions have been raised concerning the establishment of the tariff for VIPs and the effects of implementation choices on existing and new contracts. Therefore, please do not hesitate to  give preliminary feedback on the consultation document (or your thoughts on the tariff establishment) before the workshop! I can assure you that any feedback is appreciated.

Obviously, when we have set a new date for the workshop, we will set a new deadline also. You can expect that there will be some 10 working days available to complete your feedback.

The  information document below tells you how we intend to do this introduction.

VIPs Consultation document 2 MB 20 Jun 2017

If you have any questions, please contact us: