NC TAR Implementation process

On this webpage you will find all the relevant information regarding the NC TAR Implementation process in the Netherlands.

In the period April – December 2017 GTS and ACM, as part of the implementation process of the European network code on harmonized transmission tariff structures for gas (NC TAR) in the Netherlands, have organized several information sessions for stakeholders. During these sessions, the principal elements and aspirations of NC TAR have been explained. Also, GTS and ACM presented, for each implementation choice in NC TAR, possible solutions and discussed these with stakeholders.

Based on stakeholder input we have published our NC TAR Implementation Proposal at 24 October 2017 and discussed this with ACM and the stakeholders in several information sessions. ACM has presented their NC TAR assessment framework.

This has resulted in a draft NC TAR implementation decision by ACM at 5 March 2018. Until 28 May 2018 stakeholders had the opportunity to send a written view on this draft decision to ACM.

We have submitted our written view to ACM at 25 May 2018.

All the NC TAR information published by GTS can be found below.

ACM published the decision on the new tariff structure of GTS on 11 December 2018.

The new tariff structures and conditions for the transport of gas have been concluded after intensive discussions between GTS, ACM, TAQA, BBL Company and the representative organizations Vereniging voor Energie, Milieu en Water (VEMW), Energie-Nederland, Vereniging Gasopslag Nederland (VGN) , Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association (NOGEPA) and Association LNG Shippers Netherlands (VLNG).

All these parties have reached an agreement on the new tariff structures and the tariff decisions already taken (2014-2019). Agreements have also been made to improve the explanation of the tariffs. In addition, the market integration with BBL will last at least until 1-1-2021 and a transparent process for possible future market integration has been agreed. The agreement creates certainty and predictability of our tariffs for all parties involved.

The final NC TAR decision (including the adapted network codes) can be found on the ACM website.

Written view: 25 May 2018

Written view: 25 May 2018 693 kB 14 Jun 2018

Information Session 13 April 2018

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Information market session 19 December 2017

Possible solutions for issues in case of a 0-100 split 290 kB 20 Dec 2017

Information market session 27 november 2017

Analysis entry/exit revenue split on tariffs 483 kB 28 Nov 2017
Analysis entry/exit revenue split on tariffs - results 18 kB 28 Nov 2017

Information Market session 13 October 2017

Information Market session 13 October 2017 935 kB 19 Oct 2017