TTF wholesale market prices lowest in Europe

The last few years, the Dutch gas trading hub TTF has become the most liquid gas hub in Europe. This is reflected, for instance, in the Tradability Index that is published by ICIS Heren.

This index shows TTF to be the only gas trading hub in Europe that scores maximum results for the easy way shippers can buy and sell gas, for the entire gas year 2015/2016.

A proper functioning gas market has significant advantages for the parties involved: there is a considerable variety of marketable products that are available at prices which, across-the-board, are lower than the prices at the other North-West European wholesale markets (NBP, NCG, Zeebrugge, GASPOOL, PEG, etc.). In the gas year 2015/2016, the price at TTF was, both for spot- as well as for long-term gas, on average 0.2-0.5 €/MWh lower than at the surrounding hubs. See graph (source Platts).