CMP measures

Congestie management

To prevent congestion at cross border interconnection points (IP), GTS has implemented the following CMP measures:

  • Surrender of Capacity (SoC)
  • Oversubscription & Buy Back (OBB)
  • Long Term Use It Or Lose It (LT UIOLI)

Surrender of Capacity

A shipper may request GTS to (re) offer capacity previously purchased by shipper on the PRISMA auction platform. For further information about SoC click here.

Oversubscription & Buy Back

At IPs with contractual congestion, GTS will offer additional firm capacity via an overbook and buy-back scheme (OBB). GTS determines the amount of available OBB capacity per IP and per auction product.

During an auction it is not visible whether the offered capacity is made available via an OBB scheme or if it is the regular firm technical capacity. Therefore, for shippers there will be no difference between booked OBB capacity and booked regular technical capacity.

In the exceptional case that contractual congestion becomes physical congestion, GTS will take the necessary measures to eliminate the physical congestion. The most important way to achieve this without affecting the rights of the shipper who has contracted OBB capacity, is via a buy-back auction on PRISMA. This action will lead to such a (re)nomination of capacities that physical congestion will be resolved.

Long-term use-it-or-lose-it

When an IP is designated as a congestion point, GTS will report the use of the capacity contracted by a shipper to the Dutch regulator ACM in accordance with the CMP requirements. It is up to the regulator to decide whether a shipper is obliged to surrender his capacity (how much and for which period) to GTS, with the aim of being (re) auctioned.