Network codes implementation

Implementation of European Network Codes can sometimes be a difficult exercise. Existing ways of working, National legislation, opinions of the regulator and, not in the least, the wishes of our customers, are all to be taken into consideration.

Because of this paradox there might be questions relating to the compliance of the implementation. Below we show the questions we are aware of, with the answers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, although you do not receive an invoice for the daily imbalance charge, we have.
    Article 21(2) of BAL NC states that the daily imbalance quantity calculation shall be adapted accordingly where a linepack flexibility service is offered; GTS offers such a service (and where you do get an invoice for) in such a way that the outcome of the calculation for the daily imbalance quantity is always zero. As that is the case, the daily imbalance charge is consequently also always zero. Obviously we will not send you an invoice for that.

    Because we understand that it is still important to maintain an incentive on the network users to be in balance at the end of the gas day, we implemented a Linepack Flexibility Service, for which you do receive an invoice every month.

  • Yes, we do, and as explained in [the question before]  we know it is zero.

  • Yes, although we do not publish the end-of-day forecast of the amount of gas in the transmission system at the end of the gas day. As GTS implemented information model variant 1 this information would not be of any value to the network users. Network users know their near-real-time position, and the near-real-time position of the System Balance Signal (SBS), and this is enough to be able to mitigate their risk for balancing actions. If we would publish this forecast then our best guess would be that the SBS at the end of the gas day would have the same value as the value at the start of the gas day. We can state this, because network users have to deliver a day-ahead-programme to GTS that is volume neutral for the gas day, and prudent network users will have to do their utmost to act according to this programme.

  • Yes, although you never receive invoices for neutrality. As the daily imbalance charge is always zero for all network users, the outcome of the neutrality charge is also always zero. Therefore we also do not publish every month the neutrality charges as requested by Art 29.4. We do generate revenues for the end-of-day imbalance incentive through the Linepack Flexibility Service, and we have implemented a neutrality principle for that. These revenues are deducted from the Allowed revenues, so the transport tariffs decrease because of that.