Planned maintenance Emden EPT 

11 Oct 2019 15:53

Dear shipper, Herewith, we would like to inform you that GTS will carry out its planned maintenance work on gasday the 15th of October 2019 from 07:00 AM until 19:00 PM CEST. During the maintenance period there will be a reduction in the available gas flow.  Programme Responsible Parties are expected to carry out their regular activities: monitor your POS and the SBS and balance your portfolio.We hope to have informed you sufficiently. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.Kind regards,Gasunie Transport Services B.V.

Message data
messageType gas
messageId GTS21X-NL-A-A0A0A-Z-001435_001
eventStatus Active
eventType Transmission system unavailability
eventStart 2019-10-15 07:00:00
eventStop 2019-10-15 19:00:00
unavailabilityType Planned
unavailabilityReason Planned maintenance
publicationDateTime 2019-10-11 15:53:37
unitMeasure KWh/h
unavailableCapacity 22000000
availableCapacity 20000000
technicalCapacity 42000000
balancingZone(s) 21YNL----TTF---1
affectedAsset EMDEN EPT (GASSCO) - 21Z000000000055U
marketParticipant(s) Gasunie Transport Services B.V. - 21X-NL-A-A0A0A-Z