Additional Annual Auction per 1 September 2014

27 jun 2014

This Annual Auction is only applicable for the following Network points and capacities:

  • 300131 HILVARENBEEK Firm unbundled  exit capacity
  • 301111 ZELZATE Firm unbundled exit capacity
  • 301111 ZELZATE Firm unbundled entry capacity


Time table defined in the CAM NC for yearly capacity is given below.

On 1 September 2014 we will start with auctioning capacity for gas year 2015 (1 October 2014 – 30 September 2015).  We will not offer interruptible entry or exit capacity nor backhaul capacity as yearly capacity. Surrender of capacity for this additional Annual  Auction  is not possible.

Background Information: (message to all shippers 20 April 2014 and the shipper meeting 15 May 2014)

In the recently held annual yearly capacity auction of March 2014, GTS offered firm capacities based on available regular technical capacity (booked capacity versus technical capacity) as well as on capacity that became available through surrender of capacity. 
This resulted in the offer of firm capacity at all GTS IP’s except Zelzate (entry and exit) and Hilvarenbeek (exit). Taking the possible demand for yearly firm capacity at these IP’s into consideration, GTS decided to expand the oversubscription products and to offer oversubscription capacity on yearly basis for these IP’s for gas year 2014-2015. For this reason GTS will organize an extra yearly auction in the beginning of September 2014.