Improved access Gasport and upgrade security protocol

It is important for us that you can rely on all your online communications with us to be safe and secure. For the communication of your data via Gasport, we still make use of digital certificates. GTS is working on an improved access method: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

With this system, you log in to Gasport with a user name, password and a code which is sent to you via your phone when you log in. MFA will be available for all customers by the end of this year. Also we are currently working on replacing the certificates for the use of B2B.

New version for protocol-secure B2B communication
In the course of 2017, we will be implementing a new version for the security of the communication via the B2B system. We are currently still using version 1.0 of the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security), but at the advice of the Dutch authorities and NEDU, we will change to version 1.2. To let you get acquainted with the new version, a test environment will become available at the beginning of 2017, where, with your active B2B certificate, you can only communicate via TLS 1.2 with a GTS B2B test system.

We had wanted to offer this test environment this year, but we decided to postpone it to next year. This concludes the current changes with respect to access to Gasport and the certificates required for the use of B2B, and prevents all changes being implemented at the same time. What this test phase will look like exactly, and how you can send us your comments on the use of TLS 1.2, will be communicated nearer the time.