Belangrijke informatie m.b.t. de OBA op entry or exit 301113 Emden: Weer in werking.

27 nov 2018 15:34

De OBA treedt weer in werking vanaf 26-11-2018 om 23:00 uur (Amsterdam tijd).

Message data
messageType gas
messageId GTS21X-NL-A-A0A0A-Z-000941_003
eventStatus Inactive
eventType Transmission system unavailability
eventStart 2018-11-26 18:00:00
eventStop 2018-11-27 15:34:00
unavailabilityType Unplanned
unavailabilityReason The technical issues at EPT Emden have been resolved by Gassco, therfore the OBA will be enabled again at 23:00 hours CET
publicationDateTime 2018-11-27 15:34:41
unitMeasure KWh/d
availableCapacity 40000000
technicalCapacity 40000000
balancingZone(s) 21YNL----TTF---1
affectedAsset EMDEN EPT (GASSCO) - 21Z000000000055U
marketParticipant(s) Gasunie Transport Services B.V. - 21X-NL-A-A0A0A-Z