Complaints procedure

Gasunie Transport Services is committed to minimizing the number of complaints about its service. Any complaints received by Gasunie Transport Services require careful handling and offer us a chance to further professionalize our processes and staff.

Complaints may be submitted to GTS as follows:

  1. Written complaints can be sent directly to:
    Gasunie Transport Services
    Department of Commerce and Regulation
    PO Box 181
    9700 AD  GRONINGEN
  2. Complaints via e-mail can be sent to:
  3. By contacting the Customer Desk, Desk Connection Industry and LDC. The employee will document your complaint and ask you whether what he/she wrote down is a correct description of your complaint.
  4. Via webform

Preferably complaints are made in writing, via e-mail or via the webform. For written complaints or those submitted via e-mail you can download the form on this page.

If a complaint is received elsewhere in the GTS organization, the complaint will be forwarded to the Department of Commerce and Regulation.

Final responsibility for the handling of complaints lies with the Manager Commerce and Regulation. 


Complaints form 24 kB 12 May 2016