Single Sided Nominations

As per november 1st, 2015 GTS is offering the Single Sided Nomination (SSN) mechanism as part of CAM/CMP networkcodes. With SSN, shippers can use capacity on an Interconnection Point with one nomination.

Here you will find a list of the IP’s of GTS where SSN will be offered and the role of GTS (active/passive). Click to enlarge.

Interconnection points with Single Sided mechanism

Point Code Description Eic Code Adjacent TSO Edigas Point Code
301214 JULIANADORP (BBL) 21Z000000000087H BBL Company JULDRP
300136 OUDE STATENZIJL (GTG NORD-G) 21Z000000000079G GTG Nord OEWEL
300131 HILVARENBEEK (FLUXYS) 21Z000000000243T Fluxys HILVB
300143 S-GRAVENVOEREN (FLUXYS) 21Z000000000169F Fluxys GRAVV
301184 ZANDVLIET (FLUXYS-H) 21Z0000000001062 Fluxys ZVLH
301111 ZELZATE (FLUXYS) 21Z000000000019Y Fluxys ZELZA1
300146 OUDE STATENZIJL (GUD-H)[OBEBH] 21Z000000000076M GasUnie Deutschland OBEBH
300144 OUDE STATENZIJL (GUD-G)[OBEBG] 21Z000000000078I GasUnie Deutschland OBEBL
300132 ZEVENAAR 21Z000000000072U Open Grid Europe ZEVEN
300139 BOCHOLTZ TENP (OGE - FLX TENP) 21Z000000000071W Open Grid Europe BOCHO
300138 TEGELEN (OGE) 21Z000000000117Y Open Grid Europe EXPTGLN
300133 WINTERSWIJK (OGE) 21Z000000000073S Open Grid Europe WINTW
300145 OUDE STATENZIJL (OGE) 21Z000000000075O Open Grid Europe ORUGH
301368 BOCHOLTZ VETSCHAU (THYSSENGAS) 21Z000000000170U Thyssengas BOCHRTG
300147 OUDE STATENZIJL (GASCADE-H) 21Z000000000074Q Gascade OWINH

GTS is currently in the fase of testing with its NNO’s to see whether the process works correctly. Only after correct testing, the dates will be final.

Please note following:

  • the Nomination Authorisation Message (NOMAUTH), in which is declared which counter shipper may nominate on behalf of you, has to be send to the passive TSO.
  • the Single Sided Nomination (requires Edigas 5.1) has to be send to the active TSO
  • the mechanism is offered at an IP after correct testing with the adjacent TSO.

Due to the fact that the NOMAUTH message just recently was made definite, and in order to make the SSN mechanism work as expected, please contact in case of any question and before first use.

For further details about the operational process, please see the relevant documents as being published and our website: