Postal Address
Postbus 181
9700 AD Groningen

Office Address
Concourslaan 17
9727 KC Groningen

Tel. +31 50 521 22 50
Trade register Groningen nr. 02084889


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Shipper Customer Desk

Tel. +31 (0)50 521 33 33

The GTS Customer Desk can be reached on workingdays from 09.00 - 17.30 hour (LET).

Desk Connection Industry and LDC

Tel. +31 (0)50 521 23 23

The GTS Industry Desk can be reached on workingdays from 08.30 - 17.00 hour (LET).

Our Customer desk and Connection Desk Industry and LDC are only available for our clients: shippers/programresponsible parties, Industries and Local Networks directly connected to our grid. We do not have household (private) connections, please contact your “Distribution Network Operator”.

Do you have a complaint please use the complaint form.

In case of an emergency you can find contact details here.