Public tasks

The Gas Act invests us with a number of statutory tasks that serve the public interest. For example we are responsible for maintaining gas supply levels to small-scale users (households, large buildings and small industrial customers) at temperatures of - 9°C or lower. We are responsible ourselves for contracting the necessary volume and capacity.

We also have a duty to intervene if a supplier defaults on the supply of gas to small-scale users. In such cases we must oversee any corrective measures as smoothly as possible – if necessary by taking over the supply temporarily – so that the small-scale users concerned can switch to another supplier as quickly as possible in line with the accepted procedure.

Finally, we ensure that gas from the small fields can be taken up in the gas transmission system.

Statutory tasks

As national transmission system operator we are responsible for the management, the operation and the development of the national transmission grid on an economic basis. It ensures sufficient transport capacity, balances the grid and creates/maintains connections to other grids.

As national transmission system operator we are bound by the Gas Act
In addition we have the following tasks:

  • Quality conversion;
  • To monitor the reliability, quality and safety of the system;
  • To take measures relating to security of supply (including peak-period delivery and supplier of last resort deliveries);
  • To provide other network operators with information in order to allow for safe and efficient transport;
  • To provide users with information that is necessary for efficient access;
  • Tasks relating to the small-fields policy (transport of natural gas from small fields).

We are not allowed to carry out activities such as production, delivery or purchase of gas by means of which it enters into competition with other parties unless this relates to the performance of activities for the legal tasks.
We are bound by the Gas Act. In this Act it is stated that the national transmission operator has to treat all its customers equally in equal circumstances. To guarantee this we have drawn up a code GTS, as is mandatory, in which is specified what is allowed and what is not allowed. All employees of our company signed a letter for complying with the code. We also have separate Whistleblower rules (Klokkenluiderreglement) which has been developed concerning reporting potential abuses. Furthermore we publish the compliance report of the code (nalevingsverslag reglement). Also the code of conduct of Gasunie applies to employees of GTS. Each member of GTS must accept and comply with the standards set out in the code of conduct.


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