On this page you can find files of published annual reports, brochures and reports. Earlier years of the documents you can find in Downloads and Forms.

Quality and capacity document 2017

In accordance with the Gas Act and the Ministerial Decree on the Quality Aspects of Transmission GTS is obligated to submit a quality- and capacity document to ACM not later than 1 December 2017 and to publish it.


Gas Balance

The gasbalance gives a periodic overview of the hourly entry- and exitallocations in the gastransmission network of GTS. From 2018 onwards the gasbalance consists of near-real-time measurements.

Gas Balance 2018 2 MB 11 Dec 2019


Annual reports

GTS Annual Report 2018 2 MB 01 Mar 2019
GTS Annual Report 2018 - Explanatory notes 25 kB 01 Mar 2019
Regulatory annual account 2018 47 kB 25 Sep 2019

TTF development

On this page the development of the Title Transfer Facility (the TTF) is shown. TTF is a virtual market place that offers market parties the possibility to transfer gas already in the GTS system to another market player.
Both the development of the volume traded at TTF and the development of the net volumes are shown. The volume traded is based on information from LEBA, ICIS Heren and exchanges. The net volume corresponds to the sum of the net hourly positions per TTF shipper as registered by GTS. The net volume can be seen as the “physical gas flow” through TTF.
The figure hereunder shows the development of monthly volumes on TTF. The yellow line and the gray line represent the volume traded, the brown columns represent the net volume. The number of active parties at the end of a month is represented in the blue line.

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Development TTF datasheet 135 kB 21 Jan 2020

GTS Shippers Meeting

Every year GTS organizes a Shipper Meeting. During this meeting we inform our Customers about relevant developments in areas as for example regulation and our products and services. The presentations can be found here.


Quality Indicators

In accordance with the Gas Act and the Ministerial Decree on the Quality Aspects of Transmission System Operation (Electricity and Gas), GTS is obligated to annually submit a report on the quality indicators to ACM and to publish it.


Survey Small Fields

Survey Small Fields 2019 (Dutch) 1 MB 04 Dec 2019