The Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is a virtual market place where we offer market parties the opportunity to transfer gas that is already present in our system (‘entry-paid gas’) to another party. Using the TTF, gas that is brought into the national grid via an entry point can change owner before it leaves the national grid at an exit point.

The TTF serves to promote gas trading. The TTF can serve as a virtual entry point in the portfolio of a shipper or trader who buys gas on the TTF or as a virtual exit point in the portfolio of a shipper or trader who sells gas on the TTF. We register the title transfers of gas via the TTF by means of a ‘nomination’. This is an electronic notification stating the volumes of gas transferred, the period, and the buying and selling parties. Shippers or traders certified by us and with a TTF subscription can buy or sell gas on the TTF.

In the Netherlands, a large number of national and international companies are active in the gas industry, such as gas producers, gas storage companies, network operators and gas distribution companies. The Dutch gas transfer facility TTF is an important trading place to buy or sell gas. Clients who want to trade gas first need a TTF subscription.

The TTF was set up in 2003 to promote gas trading on one central market place, enhancing the liquidity of the gas trade. This Dutch gas transfer facility has grown enormously in the past years, and is now the biggest on mainland Europe. The TTF trades more than 14 times the amount of gas used in the Netherlands. The gas tariffs on the Dutch wholesale platform have become important reference tariffs for the rest of Europe.

How TTF works

TTF is a virtual market place, where gas is being traded that has already been introduced into our transport system, which makes it easily tradeable. We register this trade by means of a ‘nomination’. Nominations are electronic notifications stating the volume of gas transferred, the period and the buying and selling parties.

Even though this trade in gas is a mutual process between our customers, they do need to notify us of these transactions. This way, we always know who owns the gas in our system.

Gas exchange

A gas exchange allows a shipper or trader to buy or sell gas on the TTF without the other party to the gas transfer being known to the shipper or trader. The gas exchange operator is responsible for bringing together the volumes of gas offered and the volumes of gas requested and facilitates the financial transaction. If gas is traded on a gas exchange, the gas exchange operator will carry out the TTF nomination on behalf of the shipper, where the balance of all transactions between the gas exchange and the shipper or trader is nominated. A shipper A, B or C license with GTS is required for trading on the gas exchange.

At this moment in time, a number of companies have been appointed as gas exchange operators for the Dutch gas market by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, namely ICE ENDEX and ECC B.V.

To apply for a shipper license we refer to the "Become a customer" section on this website.

List of Registered TTF users

Below is a list of shippers who have contracted the TTF service with GTS and who have given their consent to the publication of their name and contact details on the GTS website.

If you have a shipper license and would like to be added to this list, please fill in the TTF publication form, which can be downloaded on this page.

Please return the form to us by e-mail (

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