Title Transfer Facility Trading Zone

Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) and BBL Company (BBLC) have integrated their transport systems in one TTF Trading Zone as of 1 January 2018 by removing the Interconnection Point (IP) Julianadorp. As a result, the BBL interconnector has become part of the TTF market area, and GTS and BBLC have a joint entry/exit system in which they can continue to operate as independent TSOs. This integration creates a direct connection between Europe’s two largest gas trading platforms: the Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) and the British National Balancing Point (NBP).

This allows shippers to transport gas between TTF and NBP more easily and efficiently. Shippers also are able to anticipate on tariff differences between TTF and NBP. Improved arbitrage opportunities lead to fewer price differences and fluctuations between the two trading places.

In order to inform market parties thoroughly the following documents have been developed:

Joint BBLC-GTS cover letter to the consultation 168 kB 08 May 2017
GTS Consultation Letter 153 kB 08 May 2017
Cost-benefit analysis of the integration by Pöyry Management Consulting 784 kB 08 May 2017
BBLC and GTS - Information document 10 MB 08 May 2017
Presentation Workshop GTS-BBL 856 kB 12 Jun 2017

Operational communication document to the integration of the transport systems of BBL Company and Gasunie Transport Services into the enlarged TTF market area

The key points for the integration of the BBL pipeline into the TTF market area, such as the detailed operational processes and the go-live, are addressed via this operational communication document.

On 11 December we published a news item on this topic.

Results market consultation – bringing TTF and NBP closer together

Here we publish the results of the market consultation regarding the integration of the transport systems of BBL Company (BBLC) and Gasunie Transport Systems (GTS) into the enlarged TTF market area.

GTS and BBLC each have organized a consultation from 9 May 2017 until 9 June 2017.

GTS Consultation report - update 460 kB 06 Oct 2017
BBL Company Consultation report 164 kB 21 Jul 2017
BTGL Market response 184 kB 21 Jul 2017
EFET Market response 278 kB 21 Jul 2017
ENGIE Market response 142 kB 21 Jul 2017
GasTerra Market response 149 kB 21 Jul 2017
Shell Market response 50 kB 21 Jul 2017
TAQA Market response 231 kB 21 Jul 2017
Vattenfall Market response 71 kB 21 Jul 2017
VEMW Market response 135 kB 21 Jul 2017
Wingas Market response 97 kB 21 Jul 2017