Neutral gas price

The neutral gas price (NGP) is defined in article of the Transportcode gas LNB and is, among other things, being used for calculating the offline allocations and the settlement of the Linepack Flexibility Services.

The neutral gas price per day is defined as the weighted average of the TTF price for the volume at a gas exchange appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, for all transactions been executed during the day, the day before and two days before the day of delivery.

As from July 1st 2018 the NGP that is published on the PEGAS Spot Market data and the download page of the Powernext website, will be used by GTS.

Publication of the last final NGP en de temporary (near real time) NGP:

  • The final NGP (‘final’) for the last gas day (D-1) will be available not later than 6.20 at the current gas day (D).
  • The near real time NGP (‘temporary’) for the current gas day (D), the next gas day (D +1) and the following day (D+2) will be update every 15 minutes
  • This data can be found on the website of Powernext

Below an example of how the data at the moment is published:

Gasday IndexValue (€/MWh) IndexVolume (MWh) Status Timestamp Let
2-7-2018 22.012 243537 Final NGP 02.07.2018 07:45
3-7-2018 22.107 1067646 Temporary NGP 02.07.2018 07:45
4-7-2018 22.393 15048 Temporary NGP 02.07.2018 07:45
5-7-2018 0.000 0 Temporary NGP 02.07.2018 07:45

Publication of the historical final neutral gas prices:

  • The final NGP’s of the last 2 months are publicly available
  • This data can be found on the website of Powernext.

Below an example of how the data at the moment is published:

Index name Delivery date IndexValue (€/MWh) Index Volume (MWh) Numbers of trades
TTF Neutral Gas Price 2018-07-02 2-7-2018 22.012 243537 158
TTF Neutral Gas Price 2018-07-01 1-7-2018 21.716 1467486 908

Additionally, the last 45 final NGP’s are graphically published on the website of PEGAS.

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  • ‘Neutral gas price being the most recently published as referred to in the Transport Conditions for Gas, article’ means the neutral gas price (as defined in the Transport Conditions for Gas, article as published near real time by PEGAS at 06:00 of the gas day that the bids are being placed.