Code change proposal calculation grid loss gas published by ACM

27 Jul 2018

On 24 July 2018 the proposal of Netbeheer Nederland to change the codes for buying grid loss gas by Distribution Network Operators has been published by Dutch regulator ACM.

Up to now the grid loss has been allocated to the suppliers of small consumers and small large-scale users via allocation and reconciliation. In the Gas Act (via Wet Voortgang energietransitie (Vet)), the Distribution System Operators are given the new task of purchasing grid loss. According to the explanatory memorandum to the Act, network operators are best able to reduce grid losses, which makes it logical for them to take up this task. Netbeheer Nederland proposes to include the calculation of grid loss in the codes.

Grid Loss:
Grid loss is the difference between the volume of gas entering a grid area and the total gas in that grid area that Network Operators can allocate to suppliers on the basis of actual consumption. This difference is caused by, among other things, escaping gas, illegal withdrawal and measurement differences. Because there is not always a loss, but in some cases a grid ‘profit', Netbeheer Nederland also speaks of a grid difference (Netverschil) in the proposal.

You can find the (Dutch) draft decision on the Website of ACM