Contracting interruptible capacity on storages

29 Nov 2018

With this message we would like to inform you that from now on it is possible to book interruptible capacity for underground storage facilities. This change will take effect on 1 December 2018.

As indicated during the most recent shipper meeting, storage operators have requested an enlargement of automatic booking options for short term storage capacity. If a shipper wanted to contract firm capacity outside office hours but the capacity was sold out, capacity could not be booked immediately. With the introduction of interruptible capacity GTS makes it possible to book capacity in this kind of situation. This is creating more flexibility for shippers. The interruptible capacity can be booked on a daily basis.

What are the conditions?

You can use this option from 1 December 2018 if:

  • the storage is mentioned in Appendix 7 of the TSC (2019),
  • the end date of the booking does not exceed 15 days in the future,
  • there is an insufficient amount of firm capacity available for the desired period and
  • there is a sufficient amount of interruptible capacity available.

How to contract interruptible capacity?

Bookings can be made via the usual procedure at PRISMA. If during the booking process it appears that your demand exceeds the firm available capacity, PRISMA will show a pop-up with the maximum firm available capacity. Then adjust the firm requested capacity exactly to the firm available capacity and complete the booking process. Subsequently book the remaining capacity on an interruptible basis. If the capacity is available, your request will be granted.