GTS tariff decision 2020

15 May 2019

Our national regulatory authority ACM has published the tariff decision concerning the GTS tariffs for 2020.

The decision differs from our proposal in two respects. Firstly, ACM has updated the inflation rate. In our proposal we have estimated a 2020 inflation rate of 2,0%. The actual inflation rate is 2,6%, conform CBS. Secondly, tariff reconciliations are distributed over two years, which results in 16 mil. EUR of reconciliations being deferred to 2021. This distribution leads to a more stable trend in tariffs. Together, the two changes lead to a 1% decrease in the final tariffs compared to the proposed tariffs.

The tariffs are applicable as of 1 January 2020. Click here for the tariff decision at the ACM website and click here for the established tariffs.